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2020 in the Rearview, 2021 Full Speed Ahead!

As I sat down to reflect on this year, I am truly brought to tears, happy ones. Those that know me, know that tears flow easily. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, especially those that touch my heart! In this year one of being a small business owner, I have learned to follow my heart and great things will come! My heart has an abundance of gratitude for this year, even in the middle of uncharted times, it has had some moments that have impacted me forever. It is not easy, starting over in any phase of life is scary, often intimidating, but if you put in the work, good things do come!

In May of 2020, I ended my 18 year career as an educator to focus 100% on this small business dream of mine! Boy, what a way to end a career, via Zoom meetings and drive by parades! I was flooded with emotions of joy, excitement, and FEAR! FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of not being accepted, FEAR of FAILURE! I overcame that FEAR and am I ever so glad that I did!

Looking back on that time, I am sure grateful that I did not let FEAR get the best of me because I would have missed out on the biggest blessing that I did not know I needed! I can't even begin to describe the PURE joy that this new career path has given me.

Summer of 2020, Insert my fabulous assistant, my right hand gal, and often times mistaken as my sister! (although, I will claim her as my own in a heartbeat!) She believed in this journey of mine (trusted me with her best day ever) from the beginning and she is ready to take on 2021 by my side and I simply can't wait! Words can not express the feeling of pride I have with you by my side Mikayla!

Being a part of a couple's best day ever is probably one of the most rewarding accomplishments for me thus far! Watching months of planning, hours spent on details, timelines, countless emails, come into a beautiful wedding experience is just simply soul fueling. If I had let FEAR stop me, I would have missed out on the abundance of new friendships and relationships that are such treasures to me. I would have missed moments of witnessing couples unite as one, sweet serenades from a special

groom to his beautiful bride, choreographed wedding party dances, countless heartfelt toasts to the special couple and captivating first dances as husband and wife!

2020 also brought some wonderfully talented Oklahoma vendors into my life. Talented "friendors" who allowed me to collaborate on some dreamy styled shoots. One special highlight of 2020, was teaming up on our first donation drive with a kind venue owner & new dear friend this holiday season. Giving back to our community is something that really speaks to me and what an amazing turnout we had! We are already dreaming up more ideas for 2021's holiday drive!

The highlight of 2020 for Blue Chalk Events was being blessed to plan and coordinate 9 weddings in our first year as a business. So 2020 we vow to remember the good! We vow to remember that love is all around us and worth celebrating, even if we have to wait or postpone! Even in the midst of such a trying time, one thing is evident, LOVE wins. In all aspects of business/life there are down sides, days when you wonder if you are making the right decisions, days when things don't always go the way you want them to. It is in those moments that we choose to push ourselves forward, think outside the box, choose to be positive and radiate light in the darkness. We choose to adapt to, wearing a mask to protect those we love, keeping our distance in a social setting, and using an abundance of sanitizer to remain open.

2020 couples who trusted Blue Chalk Events with your dream day, it is you that gave us pure joy, stamped our hearts with imprints of your love stories and gave us ever lasting friendships! We share our deepest gratitude to you all and to your families for letting us be a part of your most important day!

Thank you to The Gobles, a DRIVE IN wedding that stole my heart!

Thank you to The Schiesswohls, your day meant so much me, because you are like my little sister Madi, truly loved watching you begin your happily ever after!

Thank you to The Kennedys, your little family is the sweetest and we loved celebrating your love story!

Thank you to The Reyes, WOW, talk about wedding party goals! That serenade to your sweet bride, had our hearts!

Thank you to The Meyers, that HOT exit will forever be my Favorite!

Thank you to The Wheelers, private dinners on the patio, sharing pizza and pasta, in your very own lady and tramp moment!

Thank you to The LittleJims, your wedding date holds a forever place in my heart, just as the both of you!

Thank you to The Vickers, you had me at Whataburger, Pizza and Ted's! Your day was romantic and full of love!

Thank you to The Rays, our final couple of 2020 and you did not disappoint! So glad you got your day!

A year end reflection would not be complete without thanking my biggest supporters, my cheerleaders, my family (including my precious mom and dad, & my bonus mom and dad,) who love me unconditionally. From the minute I played with the idea of taking this leap of faith one year ago, to the daily conversations and goal setting, they have been there for me like no other. My husband, my supporter, my best friend, whom I truly could not imagine doing this life without, thank you for the encouraging words, you always know when I need them most! To the name sakes of my business, the BLUE in my name, the boys who stole my heart when they entered this world, thank you for believing in this dream of your momma's as much as I do! I love being your mom, watching you grow into young men, who by the way, are becoming excellent at loading and unloading my car or UHAUL!

Also, a very special Thank you to those of you new friends and old, who accepted this new business owner, supported me, and took a chance on collaborating with Blue Chalk Events. Your sincere kindness, encouraging words, and uplifting spirits inspire me on the daily! A very special shoutout for a dear, amazingly talented friend Danielle, dvandco, for capturing these images for Blue Chalk Events 2021! It brings me such joy to work with you and words can not express what it means to me to have your friendship! Can't forget to shout out to Teresa Luz for making us look glam! You are so talented and boy am I so glad you are in my life!

To our booked (and potential) 2021 couples, here we come, we are ready to serve you with our full hearts and can not wait to see what beautiful things are in store for your best day ever!

Cheers to leaving 2020 in the rearview and here's to taking 2021 on full speed ahead!

XO Brandy







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Unknown member
Dec 31, 2020

My lovely niece. Your are the sweetest person ever. You have done well in all your endeavors whatever , you’ve done in your life. Uncle Gary would be so proud u. I’m very very proud you always. I’ve known long time, your driven heart soul. Has made u this kind hard working talented lady. Your beauty is inside out. Your love foe others family an your husband boys. Are amazing. I’m in tears reading your story. Good years. How awesome person you’ve become. I love u an your family. My family. I am proud to be in your life. I know your sweet smile has lot of goodness. I can’t tell you how I enjoy the pictures your s…

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