"Brandy went above and beyond to make my bridal shower perfect. She took genuine interest and time to learn about my wedding and honeymoon. She brought that into my bridal shower in a meaningful way. She focused on my honeymoon to Greece, wedding colors, and my decor tastes to make it a wonderful memory for me. She was attention to detailed, organized and so thoughtful throughout the entire shower process. Thank you Brandy."

Kirsten G. ~ Bride

"Words cannot express how appreciative I am that the Lord brought you in our life! Our wedding would not have been pulled off the way it was without you. Thank you for being so dependable and loving!"

Rachel G. ~ Bride

"Thank you so much for making this the day of my dreams, for all your attention to the little details and making this process as least stressful as possible! Seriously, you took SO much stress off me and I actually got to enjoy everything and stop and look around! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Madisen S.~ Bride

"Brandy was such a blessing during the planning of my daughters wedding.  She was sweet, caring, helpful and kept us organized and on track. She was encouraging through trials like corona and some unexpected medical issues.   She remained flexible and supportive. She was  hard working and creative. We couldn't have done it without her."

Brenda S.~ Mother of Bride

"Brandy and Mikayla were such a pleasure to work with. As soon as I walked into the venue she greeted me with open arms and informed me that she had drinks and quick snacks incase I needed an energy boost while shooting. And on top of that to see how well they took care of the bride and groom, they went ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure the the Kennedys were well taken care of, and that neither Kelsey nor Kris had to lift a finger if they needed anything. I honestly can not recommend Blue Chalk Events enough. So thankful to be able to have worked with you ladies."

Brooke Wilson ~Brooke Wilson Photography

" I truly can not express my gratitude for you. You have made this experience so enjoyable and easy for me. I have loved getting to know you. Thankful for all that you have done. You are so appreciated."

Nina L. ~ Bride

"I have so many vendors to thank for bringing my vision to life, but most of all, Brandy! She knew exactly what I wanted from the start and was determined to make it happen. It was perfect in every way and I can't get over how talented she is. We love you Brandy!"

Aleigh V. ~ Bride

"I wanted to say thank you! You and your team did an amazing job! Your work was amazing!"

Shelli B.~ Mother of Bride

"I want to tell you how much of a blessing you have been to me and our family this past six months. I am so happy that I had you to work with and bounce things off of. You are truly gifted in what you do and so happy you followed your dreams! Thanks again for it all!"

 Shawnna L. ~ Mother of Bride 

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